Game of One

Single-stage efficiency in professional coating

Mission: optimum effort/​protection balance

Paint killers lurk everywhere, 24 hours a day. Rust never sleeps, nor do the enzymes in bird droppings that eat into the paintwork. Tannic acid washed out of the leaves by the autumn rain. UV radiation in summer, friction from luggage or fine sand: the list of gloss-destroying elements is endless. The one-step Hybrid Coating CC One provides quick and easy defence. Perfect protection with an optimal effort-result balance – that is the goal. After all, other tasks are waiting for you.

Formula: perfect chemical force field

SONAX has developed a powerful weapon to keep the unique look of the paint shiny. Modern paint is an extremely condensed chemical system. Its molecules are held together by strong atomic bonds that form during curing. With the one-step Hybrid Coating CC One, SONAX has developed a real team player that effectively strengthens this force field. SONAX Hybrid Coating CC One activates the cohesion of the forces and optimises their effect – with just one application.

Teamwork: efficient triple

Exerting pressure? When it comes to coating, this is only for amateurs. Professionals know how to treat freshly polished lacquer with care. That's why the applicator of the Hybrid Coating CC One consists of a material triple. The Grip Pad ensures optimum ergonomic handling. The Liquid Manager stores the liquid and dispenses it in perfect doses. The Polish Layer is made of gently gliding microfibre fleece. The latest generation three-component sponge enhances the effect of the one-step application.




Liquid manager


Microfiber polisher

Secret: tough flexibility

With just one application, the hybrid CC One network of various organic and inorganic polymers bonds with the paint. The special application sponges ensure that the Si-Carbon-Technology works over a fine surface. The result of this unique interaction: a colour-deep protective paint shield that lasts up to 15 months. The surface becomes extremely smooth and wax-like soft. It has the necessary flexibility to yield to attackers at the decisive moment and thus resist even more effectively.

Image two
Image one

Game Rules: explained in 15 seconds

Carefully apply the one-step hybrid polymer sealant CC One. After three to five minutes, remove any excess with a microfibre cloth. Then you let the Hybrid Coating CC One do its job and react for at least four hours. The surface of the car then has a wet shine and reflects the light particularly evenly. You can see yourself reflected in the result. Would you like to learn more or get a detailed application description?


To defeat the army of harmful influences, paint needs an active ally: you! The effective protection of your paintwork will be much easier in the future. And you have up to 15 months to fully exploit the results. Now find the dealer of your choice and start the GAME of ONE.


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